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Transportation of oversized cargo

Along with the delivery of regular cargo internationally, particular complexity lies in the transportation of oversized cargo or oversized carriage by road, as well as by sea, air and railway.

International transportation of oversized cargo has its own peculiarities as it requires top-notch performance of complicated projects from the first step of “planning” to the final step of “delivery”. LATSPED has wide experience accumulated over almost a 20-year period, ranging from the transportation of oversized cargo by road to the transportation of oversized cargo by sea (flat rack and brake bulk).

LATSPED provides following services on the transportation of oversized cargo:

LATSPED has wide experience in delivering oversized and heavy cargo in different fields and arranges international transportation of the following oversized cargo on regular basis:

Our advantages are:

  1. Implementation of a full range of services associated with international transportation of oversized cargo without intermediaries (door to door), enabling to save both our and client’s time and have our own full control of the transportation of oversized cargo.
  2. LATSPED possesses the knowledge of both EU legislation, regulating issues of international transportation, and the legislation of CIS countries which bear significant difference. This knowledge helps providing our clients with necessary consultations and coming up with simple solutions for complex tasks pertaining the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo from the EU to CIS.
  3. We will provide you with several delivery options to help you minimize your costs depending on a task assigned.
With a wide experience in the transportation of oversized cargo under our belt we can guarantee you the highest quality of our services