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Project delivery of equipment over 300 tons within Riga city, Latvia

Netherlands – Latvia

Steam Generator 10х6.30х5.00 – 300 tons
Gas Turbine 12х6.30х5.00 – 322 tons

Self-propelled heavy-load transport module

Project description

In January 2007 the LATSPED Company in cooperation with Dutch company ALE-LASTRA, the owner of the unique transport equipment, performed a successful delivery of heavy and bulky goods to Riga Electric Power Plant (TEC 2) of JSC LATVENERGO. The delivery was unprecedented in Latvia due to its scale and complexity.

Within this project an expensive equipment – a steam generator and gas turbine – had to be transported from the coast of the river Daugava (production area, district of shopping centre DOLE), from a moored barge, along the central streets of Riga (approx. 12 km) to its installation place – the site of TEC 2. The gross weight of the generator and turbine was 300 and 322 tons respectively, with a length of 10-12 meters, a width - 6.30 m and a height - 5.00 m.

Preparatory works continued for three months: all necessary measurements were performed – scanning the road surface with a deflect-meter determining the endurance of the road to increased loads, determination of optimum road temperature and fixing the damaged, poor sections of the road etc. All these complicated and work-consuming activities were performed with the objective to ensure maximum traffic security and avoiding dangerous accident situations during transportation of the special cargo.

In the preparation of transportation the following sources were allocated and employed: all departments of the LATSPED Company, the necessary services of the city and district municipalities, police, car evacuators, wire lifting brigades, railway administration and large amount of special techniques.

Transportation itself took 4 hours, taking into account detailed planning of all delivery stages. The majority of time was spent on movement of the special transport along the road, using the special self-propelled modular trailer of ALE-LASTRA Company. Speed of the trailer did not exceed 5 km/h (!). The length of the vehicle was 18.50 meters, height – 7 meters (approximately 3rd floor level of a dwelling house), but the total weight was over 400 tons (!).

High-organized personnel, total control and non-standard way of solving of complicated situations of the LATSPED Company, as well as a perfect and responsible fulfilling its tasks by the city's support services ensured a totally successful completion of the campaign. The equipment was delivered safe and just-on-time!