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Transportation by air

LATSPED is pleased to offer you professional services in the field of air cargo transportation on regular passenger and cargo flights.Air transportation is definitely the most expensive way of transportation, but at the same time it is the fastest, safest and quite often the only possible way – due to time constraints. With rich experience gained over the years, LATSPED carries out air delivery of cargo worldwide and guarantees accurate coordination of all parties involved in the process of transportation, including airlines, customs agents, warehouses and airport authorities. We know the potential and opportunities of air carriers and are able to offer the most competitive prices. LATSPED completed a large number of projects associated with the transportation of oversized cargo. With experience gained in the transportation of similar goods by road, we transfer our knowledge to air transport accordingly. By analyzing dimensions and weight of the packages, as well as the points of departure and destination, we are offering the best multimodal solutions, combining air and road transport.

LATSPED offers: